Crystal meth UK

Crystal Meth UK

One of the drugs that is giving the authorities sleepless nights in the United Kingdom is crystal meth UK. Even after countless efforts to stop its abuse, reports suggest that its use is still on the rise. However, most of the drug taken in the UK comes from other nations. In this article, we will discuss about crystal meth in the UK, what is it, its effects, legal status, where people buy it and much more.

What is crystal meth UK?

Crystal meth also known as ice or speed is a form of methamphetamine. It is a quick acting and very addictive stimulant. Although the drug rarely appears in the news in the UK, it does not mean people are not abusing it. It is still an issue.

It is worth noting that this drug is illegal in the UK. Those who are caught with crystal meth risk long jail terms and hefty fines. You even risk going to jail if you are caught with precursor drugs that people use to make meth.

What are the effects of crystal meth?

Crystal meth has effects similar to those of other amphetamines but its effects come quicker and are more pronounced. Note that these drugs are stimulants and they make the user feel more alert and concentrate. It is also giving the user feelings of euphoria and increased energy. Both drugs also cause loss of appetite and severe weight loss. When you take methamphetamine in higher doses it can cause hallucinations and delusions, seizures and bleeding in your brain.

Note that methamphetamine is very addictive and some users get addicted after taking the drug after one dose.

Methamphetamine users also become tolerant to methamphetamine and they tend to take higher doses in an effort to gain same effects which can lead to an increased risk of an overdose.

Meth withdrawal effects are severe and long-term users can experience effects that can last for many months.

Withdrawal symptoms include intense cravings for meth as well as depression and anxiety and increased appetite.

People undergoing withdrawal from meth also experience restlessness and tiredness, decreased or increased movement, and sleepiness or lack of it.

How big is the crystal meth addiction in UK?

Meth is becoming very popular in many parts of the world. Parts like the US, East and South Asia, New Zealand and Australia and Eastern Europe experiencing very high levels of abuse. The prevalence of meth use in Eastern Europe goes back to the 2nd World War when pharmaceutical companies used to make the drug to troops for them to stay awake and alert. After the war ended, these pharmaceuticals continue to make the drug illegally.

In the UK, there is relatively low levels of meth use and the main reason for this is tough laws and less drug market compared to larger countries. Additionally, there is availability of other drugs which people consider cheaper than meth. Additionally, it is hard to find open, large spaces where you can set up a meth lab. However, note that meth is still a problem in the UK. According to a report, the show Breaking Bad was responsible for more than 500% increase in, Meth arrests. The award-winning show definitely increased the interest in the drug.

Although this craze seems to have died down, reports still show an increase in meth use in the UK. The UK border authorities have seen a 400% increase in meth seizures in the past few years.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: Is it easy to obtain meth in the UK?

Answer: No, it is not. It is an illegal drug and authorities are very tough.

Question 2: Is meth a safe drug?

Answer: It is a very toxic drug that can have devastating effects on your body.

Question 3: Can methamphetamine UK cause weight loss?

Answer: Meth can cause reduced appetite which eventually leads to weight loss. It also increases metabolism rates causing weight loss. However, the negative effects are more than the positive.

Question 4: Can you overdose on methamphetamine?

Answer: Yes, you can easily overdose on meth. You should never take this drug in excess. An overdose can be severe and can lead to death.

Question 5: Are there drugs that interact with methamphetamine?

Answer: You should avoid taking other illegal drugs when taking meth because they can have devastating effects on



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